European Society of Rheology (ESR)

The European Society of Rheology is open for everyone interested in rheology in all countries of Europe. Rheology is defined as the science of the deformation and flow of matter which means that rheology in some form enters almost every study of material properties. The ESR involves rheologists engaged in both industrial and academic research and development and is therefore a common meeting ground for engineers, physicists, chemists and biologists with a common interest in rheology


The 18th International Congress on Rheology (ICR 2020) moved online and will take place on December 13-18, 2020. In the following some information and the new deadlines: 

• ICR will start with two short courses on December 12 and 13 and then a rich technical program will follow from Monday to Friday (December 13-18. 2020). 

• ICR 2020 will be partnering with The Society of Rheology for the presentation of the 2020 Bingham Medal to Ole Hassager and 2020 Metzner award to Arezoo M. Ardekani. The Bingham Medal plenary lecture and Metzner keynote lecture will be presented as part of the technical program.

• The 2019 Walters Award will be presented to Manuel Alves and Francisco Pimenta at ICR 2020. An award lecture will be included as part of the technical program.

For more information, please visit the ICR2020 site.

Download ICR2020 Flyer

ESR Committee Meeting 2020

The ESR Committee Meeting 2020 was held on Monday, September 14 at 14:00 - 16:00 (CET) as a Zoom meeting. Download the minutes here.

Annual European Rheology Conference 2021 (AERC 2021) in Cyberspace

Due to virus related travel restrictions we will meet as avatars in cyberspace rather than physically. It will be almost as a normal conference and you will be walk around in the conference center and choose session or interact with colleagues at the exhibition area and by a poster, but from a safe distance behind your computer screen.

Contributions from industrial case studies as well as academic studies are welcome, and the aim is a large gathering of persons interested in science, technology and applications within all areas of rheology.

Save the dates of April 13-14, watch the first trailer on youtube, and visit AERC 2021 for more information.

Annual European Rheology Conference 2022 (AERC 2022)

Sevilla/Spain, April 2022

The Annual European Rheology Conference that was planned to be held in Sevilla/Spain is shifted to 2022. For more information, please visit the AERC 2022 site.

Weissenberg Award 2019

The 2019 Weissenberg Award recipient is Jan Vermant from ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

Prof. Jan Vermant is one of Europe’s finest experimental rheologists and also a leading scientist in colloid and interfacial dynamics. His work includes important findings on dispersion rheology and is recognized for his innovative and foundational contributions to interfacial rheology. He has profoundly influenced this latter topic through the development of new experimental methods, morphological control of model complex interfaces, and theoretical analysis of non-Newtonian interfacial flows. His outstanding accomplishments were recognized by the leadership of the ETH Zurich and he recently moved to that institution to hold the first chair in soft materials. He has also received the 2009 Journal of Rheology Publication Award of the Society of Rheology, the 2016 Lars Onsager Medal and Professorship (NTNU, Norway) and is a Fellow of the Society of Rheology (USA). Jan Vermant has established a world-class research program in experimental rheology with dual focus on instrumental development and advances in colloidal and interfacial dynamics. His work includes seminal discoveries that have brought understanding and fundamental insight to problems at the forefront of rheology and represents the qualities one seeks in a Weissenberg medalist.

Further details can be found at

Boards and Committees

Executive Board (2017 - 2021)

  • Peter Fischer (President)
  • Mario Minale (Vice President, 2019-2021)
  • Mats Stading (Past President)
  • Bettina Wolf (Treasurer)
  • Michel Cloitre (Secretary, 2017-2019)
  • Anke Lindner (Secretary, 2019-2021)
  • Pier-Luca Maffetone (Member at Large)
  • Evelyne van Ruymbeke (Member at Large)
  • Jan Vermant (European Editor of Rheologica Acta)

Election Committee (2017 - 2021)

  • Helen Wilson (Chair)
  • Philippe Coussot
  • Norbert Willenbacher
  • Christian Clasen 

Delegates of the individual members (2018-2021)

  • Thibaut Divoux
  • Jan Engmann
  • Domenico Gabriele
  • Giovanni Ianniruberto
  • Simon Haward
  • Anke Lindner
  • George Petekidis
  • Amy Shen
  • Jason Stokes
  • Manlio Tassieri
  • Daphne Weihs
  • Ursula Windberger

Delegates of the national societies

  • Miriam Unterlass (Austria)
  • Christian Clasen (Belgium)
  • Martin Zatloukal (Czech Republic)
  • Rudy Valette (France)
  • Norbert Willenbacher (Germany)
  • Dimitris Vlassopoulos (Greece)
  • Moshe Gottlieb (Israel)
  • Mario Minale (Italy)
  • Patrick Anderson (Netherlands)
  • Mats Stading (Nordic)
  • Marek Dziubinsky (Poland)
  • Maria Teresa Varanda Cidade (Portugal)
  • Corneliu Balan (Romania)
  • Ivan Skvortsov (Russia)
  • Alexandra Aulova (Slovenia)
  • Veruscha Fester (South Africa)
  • Antonio Guerrero (Spain)
  • Peter Fischer (Switzerland)
  • Tim Phillips (UK)

Weissenberg Award Committee

  • Dimitris Vlassopoulos (Chair, 2015 until April 2021)
  • Philippe Coussot (2017 - 2022)
  • Jan Vermant (2019 - 2024)

Access to Rheologica Acta

Access to Rheologica Acta and Applied Rheology is free for all individual members of the ESR. Please access Rheologica Acta and Applied Rheology via the 'Member area'.

All participants of AERC 2019 (Portoroz) are automatically individual members of the ESR until April 2021.

Rheologica Acta Publication Award

At every AERC or ICR, the editors of Rheologica Acta present the publication award sponsored by Anton Paar. This award gets selected by three editorial board members based on a preselection by the editors and is aimed to highlight the type of work which the journal likes to see published.

The 2020 Rheologica Acta Publication Award was given to:

Roger Tanner, Christopher Ness, Arif Mahmud, Shaocong Dai, Jiyoung Moon: A bootstrap mechanism for non-colloidal suspension viscosity, Rheologica Acta 57 (2018) 635-643.

The entire list of the Rheologica Acta Publication Awards and the Weissenberg Lecture papers can be found in the archive.

Latest Job Offers

  • Postdoc - Soft Matter and Biological Physics

    pplications are invited for two postdoctoral positions in theoretical and computational soft condensed matter and biological physics, to work with Prof. Suzanne Fielding in the Department of Physics at Durham University on a project funded by the ERC Advanced Grant ‘RheoYield’.

  • Postdoc - Drops, threads, coils or piles of viscoplastic fluids

    A postdoctoral researcher position is open in the Coussot’s group at the University Gustave Eiffel (East Paris)

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Latest News

  • Society of Rheology - 2020 Fellows


    The 2020 Society of Rheology Fellows are Lynden Archer, Surita Bhatia, William Hartt, Savvas Hatzikiriakos, Saad Khan, and Gregory B. McKenna.

  • DRG Rheology Prize 2020


    The 2020 Rheology price of the German Rheology Society (DRG) was given to Volker Räntzsch from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

  • ASR Medallion to Prof. Ravi Prakash Jagadeeshan


    The Australian Society of Rheology (ASR) is proud to award the ASR Medallion this year to Prof. Ravi Prakash Jagadeeshan in recognition of his outstanding and meritorious contributions to rheology and for his many years of distinguished service to the Society and the rheology community in Australia

  • JNNFM Complex Fluids Seminar Series


    The Editors of the Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, Ian Frigaard and Rob Poole are launching the “JNNFM Complex Fluids Seminar Series”

  • Journal of Rheology - Publication Award 2020


    The 2020 Journal of Rheology Publication Award is given to Abhinendra Singh, Romain Mari, Morton M. Denn and Jeffrey F. Morris.

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Next Conferences + Workshop

  • 18th International Congress on Rheology

    December 13 - 18, 2020

    The Brazilian Society of Rheology invites you to participate in the XVIIIth International Congress on Rheology.

  • International Rheology Symposium during IUMRS-ICA

    February 23-26, 2021

    International Rheology Symposium as a session in the 21st International Union of Materials Research Societies International Conference in Asia (IUMRS-ICA; supported by Materials Research Society of Thailand) held at the Empress Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand, in February 23-26, 2021.

  • Young Rheologists Days 2021 (JJR2021)

    March 9 - 12, 2021

    The French Group of rheology GFR was founded in 1964 and represents more than 250 rheologists from more than 20 Universities, and 30 professionals from our major industries, actively engaged with a common interest in rheology. The GFR is a member of the International Committee of Rheology (ICR) and the European Society of Rheology (ESR). The group organizes a “National Congress” each year, two annual workshops linking academia and industry and the “Young Rheologists Days”, mainly devoted to Phd students, Post-doctoral and young researchers, every two years.

  • Times of Polymers (TOP) and Composites

    June 13 - 17, 2021

    The forthcoming conference “Times of Polymers (TOP) and Composites” will be held at Ischia (Naples)/Italy and is organized by Italian groups on Polymer Science and Composites.

  • 10th Hellenic Society of Rheology conference

    June 29 - July 2, 2021

    The 10th Hellenic Society of Rheology conference will be held in 2021 between June 29th and July the 2nd in the island of Skiathos jointly organized by the University of Thessaly and the University of Cyprus.

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Latest Product Offers

  • Rheometrics RFX

    Rheometric Scientific RFX extensional rheometer. For details please contact

  • Rheo-Magnet Setup

    A combination of a 5T magnet (Cryogenic, 2005) with wide bore with Bohlin CS50 rheometer head (1993) for sale.

  • Anton Paar MCR300

    Two Anton Paar MCR300 (2000, 2001) with damaged air bearing or motor shaft are for sale as spare part donator.

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